Why you need to apply to the Torrid Model Search !

Hi beautiful,

I invite and encourage everyone -at least once in their life- to tryout for Torrid Model Search (http://www.torrid.com/model-search.html).

Write it in a bucket list “Apply to torrid model search (or any other amateur model competition)”–then immediately do this task and cross it off the list!

Why? why should you or anyone apply? Most of us probably have awful memories of competitions. Or maybe some of us have never tried at all.  I just need you to know, YOU ARE EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL! Regardless of your size, skin color, and shape — you are beautiful! You represent the real definition of beauty- of life! Every curve, mark, smile, and dimple–is a positive sign of your amazing life experiences.

Although you do not need a competition to tell you so, you still deserve to put your image out there. And me, the audience, would love to see your smiling full frontal image!  Its a fun experience and journey to get to know yourself and to tell yourself- maybe for the first time ever- that you are smart, beautiful, and worthy of any modeling competition.

To be fair — I am sharing some pics of me messing around in Torrid. Good luck on your application!


Mel–Your biggest fan.

PS. Write any feedback on the comments and follow my blog 🙂


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Welcome to My First Fashion Blog Post!

Hi stylish readers,

Welcome to my kickoff post! I’m excited to have you as my reader 🙂
I wanted to take a moment to chat about Modcloth (https://www.modcloth.com/shop/plus-sizes). This is one of my favorite sites to get unique, amazing, old school type items. I label this site as part of “new vintage.” Made this year with that vintage flare.  They have a variety of sizes, up to 4X. I added a pics below of me in this old school black jumper – I get compliments on it every time I go out. Modcloth is at its best on sale– the item prices are typically $50+ for things like dresses.

Hope you enjoyed my blog–leave me some comments and follow my blog! More cool things to come.